Oslo Story

by Edward Flugum

Out in Texas in Panhandle Land
Norwegian Colony has found a home
An Anders with a firm hand on the tiller
Steered the boat forward between the winds and waves.

There was Baker, and Johnson and Rostad
Who were first here to build and live
Here lay the prairie untouched, fine and flat
No Rock piles here you can believe.

No fallen trees to cause problems
Here the land lay ready for the plow
There was no winter here to plague the folks
No swamps or slews in any corner.

No wonder that the folks came streaming in
To such a beautiful sun blessed land
And Anders was smart
He enticed everyone from North, East, and West

He laid the groundwork for a large city in Oslo
The world would soon look up to it
Helgersen built a Blacksmith shop
He chuckled but that became the whole glory of the city.

Among the new builders was Bull
Throndson, Hanson, Jensen and Vehm
"Stone" and Weberg, Sagen and Storli
Olsen, Brandvik and Dahl were among them.

We could also name Fadness and Satrum
Heltne and Egedal they moved away
Then came Knutsons and Moen and Flugum
During Snartemos short stay.

Stedjes came, Harold Hanson moved away
Schulberg was pulled away
Hongslo became the Blacksmith
Then he too left!

Moen also moved up to Dakota
Satrums went over the mountains far
The rest of us go around here and mutter
"I wonder if it will be as dry this year as it was the last"?

But take courage you dried out farmer
Take care of your chickens, milk the cows
Some rain showers surely will come
So we'll get enough for bread and butter somehow.

This song was composed in Norwegian sometime around 1925 to 1927 by Edward Flugum. It apparently rhymes in Norwegian, but the rhyme is lost in the translation. It was to be sung to the tune of "Mellem Bakkar Og Berg".

Photography by Lisa Johnson. For a high definition view of the photograph, click on the image.